SATIR Company Profile


SATIR is one of the world’s leading civilian thermal imaging system manufacturers focusing on developing, producing, and marketing of infrared cameras. These cameras play a significant role in a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental thermal imaging activities including predictive and preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, research and development, temperature measurement and thermal testing.

SATIR New Thermal Manufacturing Factory Ireland

 SATIR’ European Headquarter was founded in 2008 in Dundalk. In August 2016, SATIR European Headquarters moved to Drogheda Co.Louth to a purpose built facility that holds a large production and sales team.  The facility offers product assembly, servicing, calibration and repairs for all products distributed into the European Union and strategic countries around the world. All OEM partners, distributors, and customers are handled by SATIR Europe offering local supply and technical support.

SATIR is committed to providing its customers with  high quality, complete cameras, software, and solutions that can be applied to all fields of applications such as power plant, fire fighting  surveillance, petrochemical, automobile, medical, custom, law enforcement, public security and border patrol etc.

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Our Parent Company is based in Guangzhou which has over 20 years experience in manufacturing of infrared cameras. SATIR has the full capacities of designing, to meet the needs of its customers, the varieties of products including the entry level, the advanced level, and the performance level cameras as well as OEM products, and satisfies the customers with excellent infrared cameras and great after-sale support. The utmost goal of establishing SATIR is to become a successful infrared camera manufacturer and the world’s outstanding supplier that can meet the needs of customers by delivering excellent customer service.