Customer Service

Our Customer Service Pledge to You

The benefits of using SATIR is not only do we  provides first-class products, we also have a excellent team of Technical Support available to you from day one.

The points below outlines our promises that we pledge to keep for you the customer.

  •  To answer customer questions about products, a series of technical problems, explain product features and performance analysis.
  • To provide customers with equipment selection guide, recommend suitable products and specifications.
  • We are continually updating and researching new technology that can be applied to our cameras as we want to provide our customers with the very best products we can provide them.
  • On request we can organise on-site installation and commissioning guidance to ensure the equipment is installed correctly.
  • Provide the basic performance of field test equipment.
  • Professional training for the customer service personnel.
  • Technical support after you have completed the buying process.

Contact Us:

If you ever wish to find out more about a certain range of products or have any technical issues with your SATIR Thermal Camera, do not hesitate to contact us, see our details below.

For Technical Support please call  00353 (0) 41 984 4371 or  for Sales please call 00353 (0) 41 984 6786
or email 
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