Employment at SATIR


SATIR Logo - Employment Section

Talent is the most important contributory factor to wealth, which builds the cornerstone of sustainable development.

Ability to determine position, contribution to the decision value

Companies adhere to human resources are the primary resources of the principle amount only apply to posts and by using the higher or lower in the competition, stimulate staff’s potential and creativity, to human resources to growth conditions, value, and to staff capabilities and contributions of employees to measure the value of the enterprise, so that good character, professional diligence, business ability, high efficiency talent.

SATIR believes in a policy of equality to all to promote a fair and equal work Environment

Promote open, fair, fair employment mechanism, from Germany, only two objective evaluation of personnel, emphasizing the “virtuous talent with a bold, no only to cultivate the virtuous, talent without virtue can not be used.”

We believe our talented staff at SATIR is what helps us to grow and make us a remarkable international Company.

Career development, the implementation of corporate training, the establishment of a learning team, for the staff to develop and provide direction at various levels of professional training, including training of new staff, management training, study tours, visits and other means to comprehensively enhance the overall quality staff and operational capacity. Through a variety of training, not only to enhance the value of staff’s personal and more to promote the company’s overall knowledge structure of continuously updated and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises continued to improve.