Car Night Vision

Night Vision Applications

Surveys show that the distance or time spent driving during the night takes up only 28% of total driving; however, the death rate caused by accidents occurring during night during night driving takes up 55% of the whole death rate.

With concerns for the safety of lives, SATIR has recently launched a new night vision system for night driving, which greatly enhances the safety of night driving, establishing another milestone for night driving safety technology.

Car Night Vision

Car Night Vision

Easy to Use

By simply turning on the power, the night vision system will start up. With the LCD display, drivers can see obstacles 300 meters away, so the driver can recognize the road, pedestrians, motorcyclist and other obstacles etc. this night vision system can also reduce the stress brought about by exhausting night time driving, enabling the driver to keep alert and take proper actions to respond to emergencies.

Benefits of using SATIR Night Vision Camera

  • Helps to save your life and lives of other road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and wild animals.
  • It is very easy to use, no technical knowledge is needed to use one of SATIR cameras.
  • Often in the winter months we drive to work in the dark and home in the dark, so this would mean you would get excellent value out of our camera.
  • During these winter months of driving in the dark it would also take the stress off the driver and allow him/her to relax slightly knowing their SATIR camera is there to guide them through the darkness.
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