Construction Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras

Here we will look at how thermal imaging can be used in the construction industry.

The photo  on the left is an infrared photo of a built-up flat roof with a rubber membrane.  It was taken from on top of the roof. The lighter colors show the wet insulation below the roofing materials.  You can see the insulation boards (rectangles).  As each insulation board becomes saturated the water migrates to the next board and continues to expand, this can have huge implications for the owner of the building. 

Thermal Image of Floor

Thermal Image of Indoor Factory Roof

The picture on the right shows a roof from inside a building.  The problem shown in the infrared photo is the (black) water in the insulation materials.  In this case, the temperature inside the building is hot and the water is conducting the colder outside temperatures through the wet insulation.

SATIR thermal cameras can capture the subtle difference and display the temperature clearly in the image. Our range of thermography cameras are suitable for carrying out thermal surveys on buildings to check the construction work and to identify areas where insulation may be needed to improve the building energy rating. We have three different categories of thermography cameras, they are entry level, advance level and performance level

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