Fire Protection

Thermal Infrared Cameras being Used in Fire Protection

SATIR infrared cameras can be used to take thermal images for fire protection purposes. This helps to save lives of firefighters and people who are trapped in fire. High temperatures in a fire will threaten the lives of firefighters, the temperature measuring function of the thermal camera can identify the places with high temperatures, helping the firefighters to get away from a dangerous situation.


Examples of Thermal Imaging being used in Fire Situations

The first main example is when a firefighter can scan a door to measure the temperature of the room, this will allow the firefighter to know whether it is safe to enter that room  or if it is too dangerous to enter due to extremely high temperatures.

Another example of where SATIR infrared cameras can be used in a fire situation is if a room is very smokey and makes it difficult for the firefighter to see if there is anyone trapped in the room who may be unconscious and unable to shout for help,  our camera can take a thermal image to see if there is a person present in that room. Therefore saving a life that would may not have been possible without the use of a thermal imaging camera.

Fire Protection - Thermal Infrared Cameras

There is always a risk of  the fire relighting even after the fire has been extinguished. Firefighters can check the temperature of the area where a fire has taken place with a SATIR thermal camera to prevent the fire from restarting. 


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