Medical & Equine Thermal Imaging Cameras

Here we will look at how SATIR Thermal Imaging Cameras can be used in Medical and Equine Situations. SATIR is leading the way when it comes to Medical & Equine Thermal Imaging Cameras. First we will look at the advantages of using an infrared camera in a human medical situation

Instant identification

Applying infrared imaging technology, SATIR body temperature scanner can instantly identify people with abnormal body temperature. It can be used widely in crowded public areas such as airports, docks, stations, shopping malls, hospitals and schools etc.

Medical & Equine

Medical & Equine

Non-contact measurement

There is no need for direct contact, operators can be well protected by using one of our devices as there is no need for them to be in direct contact with a suspected ill person and thus preventing widespread infection.

Easy to use

Temperature reading can be shown directly, no need for people to be stopped for inspection. If a temperature is high you can show the infected person that they may be infected by a dangerous virus and need to follow necessary precautions. 

Temperature alarm

 There is a  temFully automatic with maximum temperature tracking, alarm will be triggered when temperature is over the preset temperature point.

Precise measurement

Temperature fluctuation of less than 0.5℃for 12 hours continuous operation.

High performance / cost ratio

Unlike others, SATIR infrared imaging body temperature scanner provides high performance but with low cost. There is no need for installation, it’s portable, and can be located in various locations.

Equine Use of Thermal Imaging

Below is a video taken with one of SATIR infrared cameras, Equine experts are now starting to use infrared technology to check the health of horses for example they may wish to check the horse has a good blood flow/circulation to make sure he is in good health to take part in a race or a hunt for example. All the above points applies in the same way to equine.


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