Security & Surveillance – Infrared Cameras

Here we will discuss infrared cameras being used for security and surveillance purposes.

Thermal Imaging Network Monitoring Systems are based on using network protocols WAN and/or LAN. It can function as a separate monitoring system, or be incorporated into a variety of already existing systems within a facility; this includes online monitoring systems, digital image monitoring systems and security fire alarm systems. These systems generally consist of dual-channel, all-weather monitoring cameras (including high-performance infrared imaging with visual CCD camera) and the corresponding network of computers. The system uses advanced computer data compression and network transmission technologies. Using standard RJ45 Ethernet network cable, free level or central control monitoring can be enabled (one-to-more and more-to-one inspection). Only one network cable is needed to change the camera settings and features, which include over-temperature alarm, auto-video recording and automatically generating fault reports while monitoring the daily work in the distance. Innovative image fusion technology allows users to combine the infrared image and the CCD image aiding to identify the fault position rapidly.



The system is equipped with powerful real-time analysis software. Its functions could meet a variety of online real-time monitoring and scientific experiments for different users. In addition, the software is customized, and the software development kit SDK is provided to the user for secondary development.

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