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SATIR UMTISATIR UMTI the Ultimate Handheld Security Device

The SATIR UMTI is handheld nightvision camera that is suitable for security & surveillance applications. The camera is primarily designed for medium-ranged surveillance. It has an IR detector resolution of 384×288 which generates 110592 pixels.

This gives the user a clear, detailed infrared image from the dark of night or from daytime lighting.  The UMTI is suitable for use during the day and in the night as it can penetrate through darkness, haze and smoke. The user will not be affected by glare of car or search lights.

If accidentally faced towards the sun, the camera won’t be damaged. The UMTI has a 2x, 4x zoom functions which allows the user to see their object closer. The camera has two polarity control modes i.e. White Hot and Black Hot which are the most frequently modes use for security & surveillance applications across Europe. The UMTI is ready to take thermal images and video under a minute start-up time.

The UMTI can recognise humans at a range of 86m and recognise cars at a range of 288 (based on 28°x21°). The new feature of the pressurised eye piece reduces eye-strain and adds to the comfort of vision. The camera operating time can last up to 3 and half hours. Its compact size makes the device easy to carry and operate, which makes it suitable for game watching or security patrols around businesses and estates.

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Alternative Handheld Security Thermal Cameras

UTR50 Handheld Security



UTR50 is a light-weight uncooled binocular IR recorder. The UTR 50 has a IR Resolution of 384×288 but the UTR75 has a 640×480 option available on request. This device is mainly designed for observation and video recording. It has an 50mm auto focusing lens. There is also a 100mm lens available on request. It has a detachable bi-ocular. It has digital storage of images and video, which can hold up to 20,000 images or 1 hour video time. It has a remote control with a 6m extension cable which allows control of the camera at a distance if needed.

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